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Your Host of The Tucson Tasty Show

Wesley Sorce's remarkable journey of creating The Tucson Tasty Show is a testament to resilience and dedication. His path was far from easy, marked by numerous hurdles he overcame with unwavering determination. A Tucson native, Wesley attended College in Tucson before embarking on a meaningful chapter in the US Air Force. During his service, he honed his skills as an aerospace physiologist, educating pilots and air crews on the intricacies of aviation safety. The mentorship he received paved the way for valuable public speaking expertise and curriculum development, shaping his ability to impart knowledge effectively.


Upon returning to Tucson with his family, Wesley encountered challenges finding suitable employment post-military service. Wesley initially worked for a Tucson company, where he enhanced public health standards. Wesley's trajectory evolved towards sales, leveraging his educational background and communication prowess to excel. Transitioning to a design consultant role, Wesley's penchant for excellence shone through, setting new benchmarks and garnering recognition for his outstanding performance.


As he navigated through various roles, Wesley's resilience, proficiency, and love for imparting knowledge stood out, propelling him to the forefront of his field. However, unforeseen circumstances led to a pivotal moment when the company he worked for downsized, prompting Wesley to explore new avenues. This turn of events serendipitously led to the inception of The Tucson Tasty Show, a venture that captured the essence of Tucson's culinary landscape.


From its inception in March 2023 to the inaugural broadcast in August of the same year, Wesley, alongside his wife Tina, embarked on a transformative journey to spotlight Tucson's chefs and culinary artisans. The show's mission, rooted in celebrating local talent without financial imposition, resonated with sponsors, allies, and enthusiasts alike. With a steadfast commitment to championing the unsung heroes of the culinary world, The Tucson Tasty Show emerged as a beacon of support and appreciation for the food industry.


As the show evolves into a TV platform, Wesley, and Tina's vision to amplify the voices of Tucson's culinary community continues to gain momentum. Through perseverance, mentorship, and a deep-rooted passion for storytelling, Wesley Sorce has carved a path that not only elevates the culinary scene of Tucson but also uplifts the spirit of collaboration and inclusivity within the industry.

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